You will make a big difference in the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities!

Help us purchase more technology for children and adults with special needs.

$3,115 raised

$20,000 goal

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We are asking our friends, family, and networks to support The Arc of Illinois Assistive Technology Program. By donating to this fundraiser, you will help more children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities receive assistive technology they need for communication, education, independence and community living. You will make a difference in the life of a person with special needs!

We have purchased over 400 devices so far for individuals with special needs and, with your help, we can continue the program and provide assistive technology for the nearly 80 families on the waiting list. Your donation will enhance and improve the quality of life for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities. It is truly amazing how much technology can change a life. One example of how an iPad or other device can help is that children who are non-verbal can use an iPad for all their communication needs. Charlotte's Mom told us, "With the apps on the iPad Charlotte is able to request her favorite food items. We love knowing what Charlotte needs, wants and feels!" Helping school age children with social skills, understanding emotions and making transitions easier is another example of the benefit of Assistive Technology. In addition, there are high school students who are ready to transition and may have used an iPad in school and will no longer have one. As one Mom told us, "Ryan depends on his device as his sole communication. Thank you so much!" Helping adults with self-advocacy, communication, employment, scheduling and community living are also other examples of how much Assistive Technology can help individuals with developmental disabilities.

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